Thursday, August 31, 2006

Universal Instant Messaging Platform by VoiceOne

VoiceOne™ Communications presented a new universal instant messaging platform that integrates the instant messaging services of Google (Google Talk), Yahoo (Yahoo Messenger), MSN and AOL IM. By using this service provided on and VoiceOne Labs the users can send messages between any of the four services. For instance, Google Talk users can send instant messages to MSN users, or AOL users, or Yahoo! IM users - using Click4Me.Net - without having to use separate Instant Messaging clients for each service.

VoiceOne has added this IM integrated functionality to its recently released beta version of Click4Me.Net, the world's first Web-click calling service that utilizes VoIP technology for free phone-to-phone calling, and now Instant Messaging across services. Click4Me.Net is available for testing on VoiceOne's Virtual Lab - an open forum for users to preview, test free of charge, and provide feedback on new IP communications services developed by VoiceOne.

To start using the Click4Me.Net service, just register for free. The members can then review, provide feedback on the service or discuss additional IP communications services with VoIP Inc.'s development team.


  • SMS Text messaging to users,
  • An online Inbox allowing people to leave messages for one another on the Click4Me.Net website,
  • Email and SMS text notifications of missed calls or new messages,
  • Instant Messaging across popular IM services.

VoiceOne will add more expanded and new features in the coming days and weeks.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

New Generation of IM Worms

According to Kaspersky Labs, new generation of instant messaging worms is spreading across protocols and platforms. We have seen a lot of worms which were specific to a single instant messaging protocol, for example MSN or AOL. However, the next generation of worms poses a much greater threat because of their ability to use different IM protocols to spread. And more - they can attack both Microsoft Windows and Mac platforms.

Of course, if the instant messaging user is smart and careful enough, the computer will be safe. It's very important not to open any attachments or URLs sent by unknown persons. Even more - if you receive an attachment or URL by someone in your buddy list, always ask him what he's sending you. Maybe he doesn't even know that his computer is under the control of a worm.

Meanwhile, Postini announced that there is a 160% increase over June in instant messaging attacks against corporate networks. One of the detected IM threats is Prokeylogger, which logs every key you type on your keyboard and gets your passwords. Then it sends this information to their owners, which can get details about your e-mails, credit cards, other sensitive personal information.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Free calls in US and Canada

All US and Canadian-based Skype customers can now make free SkypeOut calls to traditional landline and mobile phones in the US and Canada. This offer is valid until the end of 2006 year.

While SkypeOut calls within the US and Canada will now be free, SkypeOut calls to and within all other countries will continue to incur charges. Those charges are unchanged by today’s announcement and remain among the lowest available to consumers.

Skype website

Download the latest Skype (Windows)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

IMVITE - Multi-Messenger

The IMVITE multi-messenger is a free application that puts you in control. Users can control who can see their online status and Imvite supports all major platforms: MSN, Yahoo, AOL, ICQ and more. Imvite supports news feeds, Google search and online shopping.

With IMVITE to IMVITE chat, messages are secured with 128 bit encryption, ensuring maximum privacy.

IMVITE features a spam free zone with Free worldwide PC-to-PC calls. With a speaker and a microphone, users can chat with friends and colleagues worldwide free of charge.

The most important features are:

  • All-in-one Instant Messenger. Chat with all your contacts from YAHOO, MSN, AOL and ICQ. Chat with your friends on different networks all at once.
  • Free Live Video & Audio Chat!
  • Personalized RSS News, Encrypted Secure Chat, Share Files, and much more.
  • Cash Rebates on all your purchases from over 1,000 stores at the IMVITE Shopping Mall.
  • The free version includes all these features.
More details are available here.
To download it, you must register here (free).

Monday, March 27, 2006

Lycos Phone Beta - an amazing offer

Lycos Phone Beta offers the following great features:

- Free US phone number;
- 100 free minutes just to start and then earn free talk time through partner offers;
- Lycos Phone is not just a great phone. Upload your MP3 files and listen to music while you chat. Add a webcam for video calls. Watch movie trailers, music videos, and live TV from Bloomberg, NASA, and more...

Of course features like free pc-to-pc calls, free incoming calls, low rates are available. Also, sign up with your e-mail address and you'll receive free gold membership.

The main window shows rotating ads. However if you use some of the advertised products, you'll receive cash in your Lycos Phone account.

Screenshot of the main window

By signing up you receive $1 and a free US phone number as a gold member. I already received a number and tested it, so this is one of the great features of this service.

Official website


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Search for Web's Top Video Content

The Searchforvideo IM service now works not only in AOL IM but also in other major instant messengers - Yahoo IM and MSN. It's really easy to search for video without opening your web browser. Just write "search phrase" and the Searchforvideo buddy will show you a list with the best matches.

Also you can subscribe for alerts or look at the most watched videos by the other users of this service.

For AIM, you just need to add "searchforvideo" to your buddy list, for MSN add "" to your contacts list and in Yahoo IM - add "searchformedia" to your friends list. That's all. Then just write to the bot - here is a list of the available commands:

  • search keyword(s) - Example: search super bowl
  • alert on - That way you'll subscribe to receive the Headline video alerts
  • alert off - Turns it off
  • spy watched - See the most recently watched video clips at searchforvideo
  • spy searched - See the most recent searches at searchforvideo
  • spy added - See the video clips most recently added to searchforvideo

Monday, February 20, 2006

Recording your voice conversations

With vEmotion you can record all your voice conversations. It is enabled with Skype, other supported IMs include Msn Messenger, AOL Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google talk, Tencent QQ. One can tune up all these big IMs with single installation of the program.

The main features are:

  • Set background music for Instant Messenger voice conversations. So as to share music among you and your friends.
  • Send voice emotions/sound effects to your friends who take part in a voice conversations. Anything you have inconvenience in expressing it with your mouth or text, you can communicate it by voice emotions.
  • Record calls into audio files with perfect quality for future review. And manage/replay the call records easily.
  • It supports the most prevalent audio formats, currently including MP3 and WAVE. Supporting for OGG and WMA will be available before long.

Since the beta version was released, the program has been updated several times. Now, the latest version is People do appreciate the vibrant developing team behind the product. It was said that they are still endeavoring to develop new features for coming versions.

The most attractive aspect, I noticed, is that vEmotion is free to use. No expiration limitation was imposed on it, despite some trivial limitations for recorder users. For an average user, these limitations are completely reasonable and acceptable. After all, you can experience all its functionality without paying.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Important Update for Miranda IM Users

There is an important patch for Miranda IM. If you use the ICQ protocol you could lose some messages. The bug is defined as "unknown TLV(19) bug".

To fix this problem, you have to download and replace the file icq.dll in the Miranda folder.

Download icq.dll

It seems that the ICQ protocol has been changed a little bit and that's why only the official ICQ client is working properly. Other clients like Miranda and QIP must be updated. For QIP you just need to download the latest alpha version.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Chat Inside Gmail

Use Google Talk and Gmail together. Now you can chat with anyone with Gmail account without leaving your Gmail interface.

Chat with your friends from right inside Gmail. There's no need to load a separate program or look up new addresses. It's just one click to chat with the people you already email, as well as anyone on the Google Talk network. And now you can even save and search for chats in your Gmail account.

Full details are available here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Zoep - A Free Phone for Firefox

Zoep, an Internet Telephony service, have released Zoep Browser Phone for Firefox users. Zoep Phone is a Firefox addon that lets you make free calls to other Zoep users from your Firefox browser.

PC to PC calls are free and like other popular services there is a pre-pay PC to Phone option. Zoep can communicate with other open Jabber based services like Google Talk for Instant Messaging.

Zoep Firefox extension is currently for Windows only and requires Firefox version 1.5. Voice-mail, SMS and an inbound phone number to accept incoming calls from landlines or mobile phones are expected in future versios of Zoep.

Zoep Website
Install the extension
Source of this info

IBM Instant Messenger Linked With Google, Yahoo And AOL

Customers of Time Warner's AOL, Google's Gtalk and Yahoo's Yahoo Messenger will be able to communicate freely to users of IBM's instant messaging system.

The feature will be available free-of-charge in the Lotus Sametime v7.5, combining IBM's market to Yahoo's 60 mln users, and AOL's 43 mln users.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Community Chat - multi-room cross-platform web chat application

FlashComs, a developer of flash based communications, has released Community Chat, a multi-room cross-platform Web chat application. Community Chat can be installed to any Web server both under UNIX/windows platform and does not require any additional software. The Chat can be integrated with a Web site user's database to import user login and personal details into chat. Apart from advanced text formatting, the Chat includes other user options: sound settings include volume control, mute option, different sounds choices for incoming, outgoing, private, and system messages. In addition to default rooms created by administrator, users can create their own rooms and invite chat users to join them. Community Chat users can block all incoming messages from un-welcome chatters. A user can be added or removed from a personal black list at any time. Chat availability status can be changed by clicking on one of the status icons.

List of the features:

  • Advanced Text Formatting
  • Users Database Integraton
  • Chat Status Indicators
  • Moderator/Administrator Control
and more.

Information about this product is available here.