Saturday, March 04, 2006

Search for Web's Top Video Content

The Searchforvideo IM service now works not only in AOL IM but also in other major instant messengers - Yahoo IM and MSN. It's really easy to search for video without opening your web browser. Just write "search phrase" and the Searchforvideo buddy will show you a list with the best matches.

Also you can subscribe for alerts or look at the most watched videos by the other users of this service.

For AIM, you just need to add "searchforvideo" to your buddy list, for MSN add "" to your contacts list and in Yahoo IM - add "searchformedia" to your friends list. That's all. Then just write to the bot - here is a list of the available commands:

  • search keyword(s) - Example: search super bowl
  • alert on - That way you'll subscribe to receive the Headline video alerts
  • alert off - Turns it off
  • spy watched - See the most recently watched video clips at searchforvideo
  • spy searched - See the most recent searches at searchforvideo
  • spy added - See the video clips most recently added to searchforvideo


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Anonymous said...

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Ron said...

thanks for the info