Monday, February 20, 2006

Recording your voice conversations

With vEmotion you can record all your voice conversations. It is enabled with Skype, other supported IMs include Msn Messenger, AOL Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google talk, Tencent QQ. One can tune up all these big IMs with single installation of the program.

The main features are:

  • Set background music for Instant Messenger voice conversations. So as to share music among you and your friends.
  • Send voice emotions/sound effects to your friends who take part in a voice conversations. Anything you have inconvenience in expressing it with your mouth or text, you can communicate it by voice emotions.
  • Record calls into audio files with perfect quality for future review. And manage/replay the call records easily.
  • It supports the most prevalent audio formats, currently including MP3 and WAVE. Supporting for OGG and WMA will be available before long.

Since the beta version was released, the program has been updated several times. Now, the latest version is People do appreciate the vibrant developing team behind the product. It was said that they are still endeavoring to develop new features for coming versions.

The most attractive aspect, I noticed, is that vEmotion is free to use. No expiration limitation was imposed on it, despite some trivial limitations for recorder users. For an average user, these limitations are completely reasonable and acceptable. After all, you can experience all its functionality without paying.



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