Saturday, August 26, 2006

New Generation of IM Worms

According to Kaspersky Labs, new generation of instant messaging worms is spreading across protocols and platforms. We have seen a lot of worms which were specific to a single instant messaging protocol, for example MSN or AOL. However, the next generation of worms poses a much greater threat because of their ability to use different IM protocols to spread. And more - they can attack both Microsoft Windows and Mac platforms.

Of course, if the instant messaging user is smart and careful enough, the computer will be safe. It's very important not to open any attachments or URLs sent by unknown persons. Even more - if you receive an attachment or URL by someone in your buddy list, always ask him what he's sending you. Maybe he doesn't even know that his computer is under the control of a worm.

Meanwhile, Postini announced that there is a 160% increase over June in instant messaging attacks against corporate networks. One of the detected IM threats is Prokeylogger, which logs every key you type on your keyboard and gets your passwords. Then it sends this information to their owners, which can get details about your e-mails, credit cards, other sensitive personal information.

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