Friday, November 11, 2005

New versions of some messengers

There are some new versions of popular instant messengers.

AOL Instant Messenger Triton 0.9.13 Beta
This new beta version can be downloaded here.

Miranda IM Build 39 Beta
Also a beta version. Download here.

Google Talk
Download here.

QIP 2005a Build 7600
A new version of the Qip messenger. Download here.

Some of these messengers' features are described in other posts in this blog.

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Chris Spencer said...

Don't forget to include the up-and-coming next generation of IM: StaffOnline; a hybrid of IM and video phone featuring real time audio, video and text communications capabilities all with just the click of the mouse. And best of all there is nothing to download to use it.

Try a demo at and be using it within 10 minutes.

Have fun!