Thursday, December 08, 2005

The "smart" Messaging Worm

I've read about this "smart" worm in few websites. When I read these articles I'm really wondering what is so smart in this worm. Just read this quote (link)

Instant messaging security firm, IMlogic released a warning on Monday, regarding a new type of malicious IM bot that can pose as a human being, and send messages.

The threat, called IM.Myspace04.AIM infects a user’s computer, then starts sending messages to people on their AIM contacts list. The bot sends a link, and encourages receivers to click on it with messages such as “lol no its not a virus.” Once a user clicks the link, their computer also becomes infected, and begins spreading the program.

Just sending previously defined messages like "its not a virus" is something I've already seen in so many spam messages (for example: "look at my picture right here...").
So it seems to me that this is just another worm which was made popular by some security-related websites.

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