Saturday, June 28, 2008

A new version of Instan-t Enterprise Messenger

This new version of Instan-t includes a wide range of improvements and brand new collaborative features that allows an integration to meet enterprises´ specific needs. In this way, companies can prevent their users from running public IMs (MSN ®, Gtalk®, AOL®, ICQ® & Yahoo®) and control who is allowed to communicate with them. Besides, it offers multi person chat with voice and video, centralized message archiving, send and receive SMS to/from mobile devices, integration with Active Directory, online presentations and computer sharing, among others. Finally, its web-based administration console permits complete control of the IM network in addition to new possibilities as custom defined management levels, create and modify users, enable or disable specific features and check monthly and daily new user registration statistics.

The company offers both a server and a hosted (ASP) model and four enterprise editions with different sets of features to adapt to the needs and budget of each organization.

If you are interested, more information is available here.

Free trials are available here.


Instant Messenger said...

IM enhances business efficiency

The appearance of efficient corporate instant messaging solutions such as the new Brosix business IM allows a growing number of companies to cut their operational costs. A recent survey among 200 small and medium-sized American firms shows that in order to cut costs, companies prefer to have their staff telecommuting rather than traveling to and from work and spending time in spacious office premises. And corporate IM is an excellent solution to communication cost issues – it is very affordable as compared to traditional forms of communication and much more efficient – you can always see if the other person is available for communication. Of course, it is much more secure than free public messengers, and the security of sensitive business information is guaranteed.

Apart from security, Brosix provides various additional features, such as Whiteboard, Simultaneous Internet Browsing option, Voice/Text/Video Chat, Screen Sharing, Voice Conference, File Transfers and many more, which makes it a necessary business tool.

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