Saturday, April 28, 2007

More Web-Based Instant Messengers

About an year and a half ago I've posted a list of some of the most popular web-based instant messengers. Meanwhile many new versions and new messengers appeared. Here is a list of those of the messengers I've found most impressive and interesting:

  • Ninja IM - Instant messaging for office ninjas
    Now you can IM with your friends and co-workers in the office! For all you who work in an office where IM clients like MSN messenger, Yahoo! messenger and Google Talk are prohibited, you'll love this.
  • KoolIM is a web messenger application that allows you to stay connected with your favorite Instant Messenger almost anywhere. You need a computer with just a browser only. You can sign in to AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk and ICQ.
  • Meetro
    Meetro is the world's first location-aware IM client and real-time social network - which means Meetro allows you to meet real people in your neighborhood. It works with MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk and AIM.
  • RadiusIM
    You can use your MSN, Yahoo and AIM accounts here. The most interesting thing here is that the users are placed on a map and you can see where your friends are and find more people in a region specified by you. You should definitely try it.
  • Plugoo
    You can use Plugoo to chat directly from your favorite instant messenger with any visitor of your blog or any website you own. When you’re logged into your instant messenger (Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, Google Talk, Jabber, ICQ), you can receive in real time all the comments of your visitors or any question they might ask, and answer instantly!

And these are the messengers I've already written about but they are worth mentioning again:
  • Meebo
    In my opinion, this is best web-based messenger I've seen.
  • Goowy
    Goowy is a service that offers you simple, intuitive tools for communicating and sharing on the web.
  • Google Talk inside Gmail
    Of course, everyone knows about the chat integrated into Gmail. One of the best additions to the Gmail interface.

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