Thursday, September 22, 2005

[New Release] Skype for Linux

A new version of Skype for Linux - has been released.

The changes since are:

  • change: New multilingual EULA in Help.Licence
  • change: Call quality improvements
  • change: "Find in chat" engine rewritten
  • change: Refreshing icons on start tab
  • change: Cleaned up RPM packaging
  • bugfix: Menu items not disabled when going offline
  • bugfix: Crash when a new message was received
  • bugfix: Crash when password changed
  • bugfix: Crash when chat search string contained "+331234567"
  • bugfix: Crash when chat search string contained emoticon
  • bugfix: Auth requests from previous user being shown
  • bugfix: Crash while history was loading
  • bugfix: Find crash when searching for empty text
  • bugfix: Auth request remaining on event panel after authorization
About previous changelogs, click here.

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